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Missouri's last Total Solar Eclipse was in 1869.

This august, it's back.

The upcoming Total Solar Eclipse is thought to be the biggest public space science event since the moon landings.

Millions are expected to view this phenomenon throughout select areas of the U.S.

You have an extraordinary opportunity to see a prime position, total eclipse of the sun in Lexington and surrounding areas

this coming August 21st. Experience the strange and unique sensation of near-darkness

in the middle of the day!

Explore this website to find out about events, viewing parties and other celebrations commemorating this historic event.

Lexington is

totally in the zone

for a prime view of the total eclipse.

Ideal for watching the day turn dark, our area provides a near-maximum full-eclipse time and

unobstructed southern views of the sky, And there's even more to do, before or after the eclipse.

You can learn about the history of the region, enjoy the bounty of wineries, orchards and roadside stands.

Discover small shops, eateries all surrounded by beautiful rolling countrysides.

Far from the crowds, Lexington is easy to get to. And since the next total eclipse in Missouri

won't be back until 2151, let us make this Eclipse Day trip the one to remember. Learn more here.

a Solar eclipse celebration

can be more than just

cardboard sunglasses.

Lexington and the surrounding region

will be buzzing with gatherings and festivities

at wineries, historic sites and everywhere.

Don't experience a Total Solar Eclipse alone!

Plan a trip with your bff's and experience

the event of a lifetime.

Click here to find the best places to spend Eclipse Day, August 21.


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